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Wednesday, 30 September 2009 11:22

Contact Floorcraft (NE)

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For a free quotation call john Thornton  0191 3757553 mobile 07739578222


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Floorcraft (NE)
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Wednesday, 09 September 2009 13:43

Block Parquet Floor Restoration & floorsanding in County Durham

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Underneath many worn-out layers of varnish and accumulated dirt is a beautiful solid hardwood floor.

Floorcraft (NE) has the skills and equipment to necessary to remove the grime and restore  your parquet floor to a condition better than the original installation. This is possible because of  advances in varnish and lacquer technologies.All the parquet blocks on this floor have had all the tar adhesive hand scrapped to make the parquet fitting as good as possible this particular block parquet floor is a timber called ipe which has a good resistance to rotting because of the oil content.


Such parquet floor restoration in county Durham is achieved using a special machine that “sands” away the varnish and  1mm of the surface wood leaving a clean fresh timber floor. Any dints or gaps between the  flooring can be filled with suitable coloured resins before the timber is sealed and  re-lacquered or oiled to bring out the natural beauty in this parquet floor.

Timber flooring is the perfect product for floor restoration and within our team is a time served  French Polisher in durham who is an expert in this work.We also do all types of joinery work and bar fitting to the very highest standards .We do all types of wood flooring ,parquet flooring,oak flooring and floor sanding in Durham and north east.