Reclaimed Rhodesian Parquet Flooring in Durham - North East England

This project involved lifting the 12 inch pitchpine floorboards

carefully for re-use in a bedroom. Then we remove all the rotten joists and replaced them with new.  Normally we would dig the soil out and remove all rubble but due to pipe work in the floor we where unable to do this so we supported the joists with brick, slate and concrete.  We then laser leveled the joists and screw fixed the floor sheeting prior to parquet floor fitting of this teak parquet flooring.As we are Durham city based parquet and floor sanding company it was a joy to work locally and with locally sourced reclaimed parquet flooring.

The Rhodesian teak parquet was reclaimed from a local university,the parquet blocks were then hand scraped to remove the bitumen from the underside of the block.

The parquet flooring was fitting in a ladder effect,as you can see the parquet floor is looking great .The parquet floor was then sanded bck removing all old varnish and scratches to a very fine finish then we used the saw dust to mix with a resin to make the gap filler then whole parquet floor was filled then fully re-sanded then sealed with high build flooring oil.  This parquet floor fitting job was in County Durham but we do all types of floor sanding and sealing in Durham and north east.We will travel nation wide to do the work we do so please contact us for any more information.