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Wood floor sanding and wood flooring by Floorcraft NE


Floorcraft NE are specialists in wood floor sanding and reclaimed,new parquet floor suppliers and fitters.We at Floorcraft NE are a family run business that began in 1993. We started out doing only floor sanding and hardwood flooring but as the years have gone on have expanded to include more eco friendly wood flooring such as reclaimed parquet flooring. Floorcraft NE has worked together with a chemist to produce a chemical that removes all the bitumen from the reclaimed parquet flooring,allowing it to fit as though it was a new parquet flooring.This chemical can be recycled over and over and is a brake through in bitumen removal on timber blocks where previously the parquet blocks had to be cleaned individually by hand.This process makes it easier when you come to sand the parquet floor because the blocks are level,once the floor sanding has been done the minor gaps are filled with a resin filler which is mixed with saw dust and trowled on to the floor then re-sanded and filled 2 more times.All of our work is carried out by time served craftsmen who are specialists in wood flooring and french polishing in the North East and County Durham