Reclaimed mosaic wood flooring in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

This floor is reclaimed mosaic parquet floor polished in a natural hard wearing water-based finish.

The floor was fitted in a domestic property onto 6mm ply board to level the uneven original floorboards the ply was fixed down with 25mm ring shank nails to get a firm hold.  Then we cleaned the back and edges of the mosaic parquet, reclaimed teak panels then glue them to the plywood with single his pack ms polymer glue in hallway, dinning room and kitchen leaving a 7mm gap around the edges which we corked.  We then sanded the mosaic parquet teak flooring removing all old varnish from the wood floor and levelling any uneven panels we then filled with resin and saw dust mix to fill all the gaps in the floor due to it been reclaimed flooring.  This was left to dry for about 30 minutes then the wood floor was re-sanded with 80 grit paper to remove any excess filler from then finish sanding on 120 grit paper to give very fine finish.  The was then hoovered to remove any excess saw dust we then sealed the floor with 4 coats of 2 pack floor lacquer to this fantastic look with commercial finish.


"The reclaimed Rhodesian teak floor is truly beautiful, I am astonished at the quality of the finished product, considering it's original state, thank you so much for all your hard work."

Mrs Robinson

Forest Hall near Newcastle